Registration Information

Updated Wednesday July 25, 2018 by Grayhawks Football.

Registration is open for all levels of football. As of now we are going to have a 7th & 8th grade combined team aand a 5th & 6th grade combined team for Tackle football. We will determine how many games a week each level will have once practices start. Last season we were able to have 2 games a week for each of the combined levels. So of the kids may be able to paly in both games, We need to have a minimum of 24 players for each combined group in order to have 2 games per week. 

For the Flag level we will have to see how many kids sigh up and if we do look to do some travel games it will be more for the 3rd and 4th grade kids. We are planning on doing in house teams if we can get 40 to 50 kids signed up.

Look for more information as we get closer to august on all levels of play.